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Features offered by are extensive and
additional features are constantly being added.
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Features offered by are extensive and
additional features are constantly being added.
Follow us on Twitter to receive updates or
check our change-log to find out the latest releases.
We would also love to hear from you,
if you have any feature requests.
domains, domains, domains
It all starts with your domain. If you have an un-used domain, you can connect to We handle any type of domains from all types of domain registrars, and provide you with step-by-step guide on how to connect them.
no approval process
It's your domain, so bring them all in to There is no approval or rejection step for and you can start using your domains immediately and start monetizing them.
All HREFs belong to you
Connecting domain means users see your domain in their browser's address bar and never's. That means all the backlinks and references to your site belong to your domain always, so that you can always benefit from SEO perspectives.
not just any parking page
When you connect a domain, you don't just get a parking page. gives you a fully-functional web application that is content-driven, SEO built-in and responsive.
start building traffic automatically discovers articles, images and videos from the Web, targeted towards your domain. Or, you can add RSS feeds to bring in specific content to your site.
content personalization
Content on your site can be even further refined by specifying filters. We let you filter out articles and videos based on specific keywords or even by detecting the language used.
let the world know also lets you integrate with third-party social tools such as Twitter, Blogger and Tumblr and you can set-up to auto-post articles and videos to these accounts. You control when and how these things are posted.
built-in analytics
While your site gets going, you can integrate it with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to get deeper insights on how your site performs. also provides site-map, so you can use it on other analytics platforms.
social features
A site created by isn't just any website. It's a complete community. Visitors to your site can sign-up as a member, they can vote on posts, like them and comment on them. This further increases your visitors' engagement.
integrate with Disqus
Oh and on comments - you can integrate your very own Disqus comment engine, so that you can personalize and moderate all the comments that are submitted to your site.
automated newsletters
Visitors to your site can also sign up for newsletters, which are automatically sent out daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Newsletters include the latest articles and updates to your site and brings people back to your site.
content approval available
Sometimes, you may wish to control exactly what type of posts are included in your site. That's why you can set-up your site so that all the posts are approved before they become available to the public.
make money from your sites allows you to embed your very own Google AdSense, VigLink and Yllix codes so that you can start earning money from your sites as soon as you sign-up. More advertising platforms are constantly being added, so your options will only grow.
keep everything you make
Did we mention that does not take a cut from your revenue? Unlike other parking sites, lets you keep every single dollar you make from your revenue streams. So as your site grows, your revenue will also grow with you.
add any type of ads
You're probably monetizing through various ways - Amazon affiliates, yllX ads. That's why doesn't limit you to a certain group of ad platforms, but we let you embed any types of advertising units.
themes and css changes
Every site should be different. That's why you can choose from growing list of themes that we have. But that's not all, we give you a complete control over applying CSS changes, so you can further personalize your sites.
categorize and tag
Articles and videos on your site can be further organized by tags and categories. They appear as navigation items on homepage, so your visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for on your site.
set it up, and then relax
Your time is precious. That's why we want to make sure automates everything for you, so you don't have to worry about your site constantly.
Be informed, regularly
Just because things are automated, it doesn't mean you're in the dark. will keep you informed of your site's performance with regular updates and reports.
Be the pilot, be in control includes a world-class admin tool, which allows you to control everything about your site. Your admin tool will be the vital part of your process in terms of managing and growing your site.
We're always listening
Our team is always listening. If you have any issues or questions, you can always reach out to us and we guarantee that we'll respond as soon as possible. Our first strength is not the product, but the customer service that we provide.
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